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The joy of Subversion and XmlStarlet

The problem: given a set identifiers (Jira tickets, as a matter of fact) and a subversion repository, find all files that were touched by some commit, provided that such commit included at least one of those identifiers in its comment. Svnlook was not an option because the repository is not local. After exploring some alternatives to […]

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Why I will never buy an Apple product again

My case: On the first week of October, 2008, I purchased a 24″ iMac, configured with a nVIDIA GeForce 8800 graphics chipset. An AppleCare plan was purchased, as well. During three years I was the happiest of Apple’s customers. My machine was above my own original expectations, useful and elegant. However, around October the 15th, […]

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MIUI XJ 1.4.8: real fast

I could provide a number of reasons why I like MIUI. But the reason behind my actual choice of “MIUI XJ D2EXT X-PART 1.4.8 – 2.3 GS 3P NEW FIX x1” is very simple: it’s as fast as Devil himself. I’m using a HTC Desire (bravo) device, with a class-4 4 GB Micro SD card, […]

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Ebay España, muerto

Hoy, al tratar de revisar mis pujas en el sitio de ebay (de España), me encontrado con una pantalla muy simpática: Me pregunto si eso será una señal para preocuparse. Apenas hoy por la mañana el sitio de SourceForge me pidió que cambiara mi contraseña porque tuvieron un incidente de seguridad…

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Prohibited Open Source Software (Stax Networks)

Prohibited Open Source Software includes without limitation any software, documentation or other material that is licensed or distributed under any of the following licenses…

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Estado del FOSS en la empresa española, 2009

Sebastián Muriel Herrero es el presidente de la comisión ejecutiva de CENATIC (Centro Nacional de Referencia de Aplicación de las TIC basadas en fuentes abiertas), y el director general de En el prólogo del interesante informe sobre el estado del arte del software de fuentes abiertas en la empresa española, 2009, Sebastián escribe: Hace […]

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