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MIUI XJ 1.4.8: real fast

I could provide a number of reasons why I like MIUI. But the reason behind my actual choice of “MIUI XJ D2EXT X-PART 1.4.8 – 2.3 GS 3P NEW FIX x1” is very simple: it’s as fast as Devil himself. I’m using a HTC Desire (bravo) device, with a class-4 4 GB Micro SD card, […]

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Prohibited Open Source Software (Stax Networks)

Prohibited Open Source Software includes without limitation any software, documentation or other material that is licensed or distributed under any of the following licenses…

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Red Hat Reacts to SpringSource's Leadership | SpringSource Team Blog

Con un par de huevos, que dicen mis amigos hispanos. Si no fuera Rod Johnson, diría yo: «no lo pelen, está pedo».

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Oracle buys Sun: understanding the impact on open source – Ars Technica

At arstecnica, an insightful reflection on the future of some of Sun’s assets, now in hands of Oracle.

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