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Elegance in user interfaces

The progressive disclosure design principle is an important ingredient of elegance.


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Red Hat Reacts to SpringSource's Leadership | SpringSource Team Blog

Con un par de huevos, que dicen mis amigos hispanos. Si no fuera Rod Johnson, diría yo: «no lo pelen, está pedo».

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Bing's concept of language

I recently gave a try to the new microsoft® search engine: bing. And the first thing I did was to configure it the way I like: no results filtering, and the original language (english, in this case). Take a look at the result:

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Nominating XMind

I’m nominating XMind as the tool “most likely to change the way you do everything”, in the Community Choice Awards. If you feel like it, you can nominate it as well. If you know the project, most probably you will agree with me on my perception that it deserves the nomination. If you don’t […]

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Oracle buys Sun: understanding the impact on open source – Ars Technica

At arstecnica, an insightful reflection on the future of some of Sun’s assets, now in hands of Oracle.

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MacHeist's League of Extraordinary Dropouts Reinvents Software Sales | Gadget Lab from

This is where I’ve been getting the software for my Mac from: MacHeist’s League of Extraordinary Dropouts Reinvents Software Sales | Gadget Lab from

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Posting from a phone

I never thought that blogging from a movile device could be not only feasible, but practical as well. It seems to me the folks at Nokia have created a fine product with this E71 phone. However, the process would not be as easy as it is without the “Scribe” program, thanks to Jay Fenton.


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